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Negotiation about

The proposal that you develop must be submitted to the criticism of the teacher who will play the role of tutor and assessor of your work. If things are not clear at the outset it is your responsibility to do your homework on the individual or team that will play this role. The guardian must provide the quickest response on the eligibility of your project can be:

- Not with brief justification ( I can not, I do not feel competent, the subject is not a good subject for this degree… ).

- Maybe if you accept a radical reformulation of the project in one way or another.

- Yes in the exact form that you offer or with minor modifications.

In the first case, the student can try to contact another tutor with the same subject, but it is generally wise to seek another area of ​​essay. In the second case, agree to curb your project in the required direction to keep you from surprises when the defense. In case of convergence, the student can get to work.


The essay can give rise to a defense, head to head with one or two examiners or in the presence of other students, and whose purpose is:

- Ensure that you are the author of the work rendered

- To find that you are capable of synthesis and oral expression.

Date and place must be negotiated with the tutor and the Education Secretariat, who shall deliver to the applicant a statement form decision to present to the jury. It will in principle mandatory at the University in the presence of a jury often the primary caregiver and a second teacher chose full agreement by the tutor and the student, the essay having written notices were less few days before the defense date.

This thesis is in general a very concise statement but illustrated the order of 15-20 minutes. The computer-assisted presentation ( “PowerPoint” ) is not necessarily required, but it can help you avoid blackouts, the overflow time. And paraphrase tables and graphs. It is usually followed by a period equal to questions and comments by teachers of the jury, which you need to quickly but precisely if possible answer.

The evaluation of your performance ( written and oral) you can be served immediately or within such shorter or longer.

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Writing dissertation, a story of interest

When you are a student and you have a dissertation write, the main mistake to avoid is to write a purely academic work. Your objective is the realization of a personal study that can benefit beyond the educational setting. This is an opportunity to introduce / consolidate a career or begin a course in research. In fact, if your memory is good, you can communicate to your future employers or use it in a doctoral perspective. Think about your future, not your grade!

The first quality of a good dissertation, it is his interest. That will interest your readers is that you bring original. If you just study the umpteenth kind practiced in your discipline or a compilation of readings, you might get a decent score if the evaluator is lazy. But your goal is it fair to be fair?

Originality is an end in itself: it is the contribution which you want to enjoy the professional sector object of your study, or you want to develop in terms of academic research. This is what will also, when writing the dissertation, organize your plan and ask the most problematic.

For this purpose, do not hesitate to use the interrogative form. Successfully ask the right questions – tell interesting – about a main questions is certainly already achieving good memory. For the rest, for writing and presenting your memory as to the writing of a report, it is highly recommended to treat the expression, spelling, grammar and layout…

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Context, terminology and facts are not checked, proofreading endeavoring to check the accuracy of the text.

Reviewers can however submit their comments and suggest corrections relating to the content. They can also ask questions relating to the content. However, the reviewers do not make changes of this type. They send the document to the editor accompanied by recommendations and questions.

The editor focuses on the context or facts, style and content, while the reviewer focuses exclusively on check grammar, spelling, style, punctuation and spelling to provide a flawless final product. Together these professional services of editing and proofreading to ensure end users a quality translation. Discover all the advantages of a partnership with EVS Translations for editing or proofreading your documents, do not hesitate to contact us.

English term – proofreading (used if you use a non-French translator)

In a few words – proofreading, spelling, grammar and syntax of a document. But yet? basically, it’s like a teacher correcting a dictation, it checks errors, punctuation, capitalization, typography, grammar, word order, etc.. This is a relatively mechanical work but requires concentration. Lethal Weapon – the dictionary!

A Bescherelle possibly (or equivalent in the relevant language). There are also guides who give recommendations regarding the style.

Mistakes to avoid thinking that Word spell will do, it will identify perhaps errors but many forget and will report others who are not. Entrust the translation and proofreading to a single person: the author is too steeped in its wording to see the errors that have crept in while a third person will have a new look and detached. It is expensive? translation comes at a word, a replay time. Read will obviously much faster than translate, it goes without saying. On average it costs a quarter of the price of the translation.